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Critical Brass PR

"This feisty bunch gets down with some monster grooves, New Orleans-like funeral & marching music, foot-stomping cartoon-like hilarity, post-klez and other ethnic music mayhem. A complete blast."
-Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

"Dirty Dozen Brass Band crossed with... the Sun Ra Arkestra."
-Laura Shin, Time Out NY
"...the irrepressibly entertaining Hungry March Band takes over the club.
-The New Yorker

"the Hungry March Band, NYC’s finest guerrilla ambulatory music ensemble." - Time Out New York

"Ridiculously cool local 24 piece 'marching band'. This feisty bunch gets down with some monster grooves, New Orleans-like funeral & marching music, foot-stomping cartoon-like hilarity, post-klez and other ethnic music mayhem. A complete blast." -Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

"best anarchist parade group!" - Village Voice, Best of NYC 2004

"hippest marching band ever!" - Public Radio Weekend

"Brooklyn phenomena the Hungry March Band...with the power of a Bourbon Street hurricane." - Dan Aquilante, New York Post
"The Hungry March Band is a mix of quirkiness and tradition."

-Andy Newman, New York Times

Village Voice - Last Ride at Astroland by Neil deMause - September 10, 2007

The Hungry March Band entertain last-night parkgoers. Moments later, they would pile onto the Astrotower and ascend to the skies, still playing.

The Villager -The Hungry March Band are Metal Heads of Another Sort
By Brooke Edwards - March 2007

Wearing a blend of traditional band costumes and 1920s-style suits and skirts — with a trumpet player dressed as a Trojan soldier and a washboard player sporting a giant bird head with purple feathers thrown in the mix — the band marched through the crowd and crammed all of its members onto the small stage. H.M.B. then got the otherwise-mellow crowd dancing and cheering, making it clear why they are in such high demand.

NY Times Style Front Page -  Abracadabra: Lifting the Lid Off the Box by Lola Ogunnaike - March 25, 2007

Moments later, a 12-person band in full marching regalia stormed the room, playing the lush horn-driven classics of the Nigerian folk artist Fela. The crowd erupted in applause. “Throw your hands in the air,” Raven O yelled from the stage. “Get naked! Get nasty!”


Village Voice - Best of NYC -Best Anarchist Parade Group   -Jason Gross
Born from a group of non-musicians who wanted to participate in the Mermaid Parade (where they've marched into the ocean), the HUNGRY MARCH BAND now have a repertoire that includes bhangra, Latin, and Gypsy music. You'll find them not only at Lincoln Center and Lollapalooza, but also at a dog parade, a gay underwear party, a Harlem block party, and numerous benefits (gardens, food co-ops, art communities). Oh, and they're available for weddings! 

Spin Magazine - Blood on the Sousaphone - February 2006

Public Radio Exchange - Profile and Recorded Interview

The Hungry March Band is a 23-piece marching band from Brooklyn, NY. Think once about high school football games, but then think again, because these dudes never set foot on the 50-yard line. This is a crazy, sexy, hip and fun incarnation of the brass band. Originally aired June 26 2004 on Public Radio Weekend.

London Times - The Gypsies Pitch Up by Nina Roberts - May 2005 

On a recent night at the Galapagos in Brooklyn, the Hungry March Band (22 plus musicians) weaves its way through the crowd on to the stage. Mardi gras beads swing, saxes buck, trombones extend. There's a cabaret feel, with wigs, goggles, pigtails, spinning bass drum mallets, fedoras; spoons rattle a washboard; there are epaulettes, a hula hoop, marching hats and a frilly red crinoline. The playing is tight and immaculate.

Alguer - La “Hungry March Band” da New York al Poco Loco di Alghero - June 27, 2005

La "Hungry March Band" non è solo una banda: è una parata, un party migrante.....put the dancing shoes! (indossate le scarpe da ballo!) è il consiglio spassionato che l’ensemble di artisti di New York offre al pubblico


Rock Star - Sbandata Romana: Rome, Italy - May 2004

L'evento (organizzato dalla Titubanda assieme all'associazione culturale Casblab e al Roma Social Forum) è stato inaugurato alle ore 20 di venerdì 21 presso il centro sociale Snia per poi concludersi a tutti gli effetti nella serata di domenica 23 con il concerto della banda di N.Y., la Hungry March Band, alla Locanda Atlantide.

St. Pat's Parade Brightens Sunnyside

The second Sunnyside St. Patrick's Day Parade was held Sunday, March 4th with the Hungry Marching Band, a young and literally brassy bunch, drumming, blowing saxophones and swinging madly and many other dancers, musicians, puppeteers, protesters and plain citizens, all looking happy to be where they were.

New York Times - Playing Oompah In the Key Of Whatever; A Brooklyn Band Marches To a Different Sousaphone By ANDY NEWMAN -June 29, 2000  


By DAN AQUILANTE January 20, 2004
Brooklyn phenomena the Hungry March Band, who've played their brand of bad-ass brass to save firehouses, free community gardens and entertain dogs, captures their parade/party experience on their new CD "On the Waterfront."

This 23-member band is a contender for the top do-it-yourself career achievement of the year, with a record that runs the gamut from traditional high school march music to latin mambos, classical interludes and even the nod to klezmer for their fans in Brighton Beach.

The best of this disc is the band's cover of the Crescent City classic "St. James Infirmary," which breaks out of the dirge and into the second line with the power of a Bourbon Street hurricane.

93.9FM AM820
New Sounds: February New Releases (February 28, 2005)
host - John Schaefer (transcription)
23:55: Here's another sort of DIY project from the Hungry March Band. A group of New Yorkers, a BIG group of New Yorkers. There are 24 musicians listed in the credits for this band. And they are largely brass players and percussionists, and some of them are composers and some of them are arrangers,and their album, a hand-made and numbered affair, is full of music that veers wildly from things that seem to be derived from traditional non-western sources to things that are just kind of energetic pop style marching brass band music that you might hear at Mardi Gras... It's fun listening.
34:22: Well, you put literally two dozen New Yorkers in a room and you give them all brass instruments and drums, and that's what happens, at least when the 24 are the members of the Hungry March Band.This is from a limited, private edition CD from the HMB, based here in New York,but their music drawing on inspiration from around the world.

Critical Brass [Ltd. & Numbered Edition of 300] (self produced)

- Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

Ridiculously cool local 24 piece "marching band" produced by our pal Jason Candler, alto saxist for the Earth People & Gary Lucas' Gods & Monsters. The Hungry Marching Band includes some 16 brass and reed players plus 8 drummers. This feisty bunch gets down with some monster grooves, New Orleans-like funeral & marching music, foot-stomping cartoon-like hilarity, post-klez and other ethnic music mayhem. Great cover tunes include Mingus' "Haitian Fight Song", Pigbag's "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag", Sun Ra's "Watusi", Ellington's "Blue Pepper" and Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"!?! A complete blast and I would imagine that they would work perfectly on a double bill with Cyro Baptista's Beat the Donkey.

Review of Hungry March Band by Sydney Lewis
Reverend Billy likes ‘em, and I sure do wish they wandered around my neighborhood. A marching band blasting through the summer’s humid heat pumps the heartbeat a notch faster. I could have used a little more full out brass blast, but the band volume is lowered to allow for good visuals-providing descriptions. Already aired, but such pleasant summer fill-in fare, could stand to be aired more than once.

Review of Hungry March Band
by Justin Grotelueschen
Rock and roll! Come play on my street! These folks are wacky and fun and I like it. This is one of those works where the production could be awful and the piece would still fly because the subject is compelling and sound-rich. But the production IS good, so there's the icing. It's hard to go wrong with the carnivalesque. Everyone should air this or at least give it a listen.

and the people say...

“I love you. You are just like a movie, a John Waters movie!” -Fan, New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade

"The Hungry March Band was more than a cavalcade of inspiration – I think it is safe to say that they were the glue, the frosting, the crucial tingling ingredient of the whole operation" - just a girl with friends

"Let them play!"-chanted by a jeering crowd of over 1000, Ludlow Street - Hell Night Oct 30th, as well as a crowd on steps of the Main Post Office at Madison Square Garden after a Ralph Nader Rally

"Harpo, you're just like the pied piper, if we let you go they'll all follow and it'll be a big uproar again." -NYC Police Officer

"A local senior citizen become so excited at the NAG parade, led by the HMB, that he entered the band ring, threw down his walker, and began dancing the Charleston!"
-Eye in the Pie Local


Newsweek Documentary

Girls on Wheels I & II (with Hungry March Band)

Documentary video with women from several teams talking about their experiences as derby 'girls'. (Video: Jennifer Molina)



This photo was taken in a Plaza in the San Lorenz District of Rome, Italy during the Pro-voc-o-tour. This picture shows Miss Valentine about to enter into the frenzied orgiastic state of the Choli Ke Peechhe, our Bollywood tune that is guaranteed to give bring you auralklismic pleasure of which you have yet to experience. The translation of which is "what's that you have in your blouse?"

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