Roaring out of Brooklyn comes the Hungry March Band, NYC's legendary street brass march band in the anarchic style that has become their trademark . Put on your dancing shoes and break out the fancy threads because they’ve got a party going on - a blazing parade of flesh, blood, steel, brass and wood. They are the music of the people!

The Hungry March Band has earned a reputation for mythical revelry having performed at a huge variety of fine venues and celebrated events. Such planned and spontaneous performances have included guerilla art events, mermaid parades, rural raves, subway parties, eccentric weddings, community affairs, protests, high art events, the Staten Island Ferry, Brighton Beach Boardwalks, MOMA, Lincoln Center, steps of the NYC Post Office, playing themselves in the final scene of John Cameron Mitchell's recent film "Shortbus and many other forays into the territories of free spirit.

Our musical repertoire consists of original compositions written by band members as well as scores selected from our multi-cultural world community. These songs range from New Orleans street bands, European brass traditions, Gypsy/Roma classics, wedding brass bands from India, the jazz world and the global community of NYC. The band is an ever evolving musical experiment influenced and inspired from Brooklyn’s backyard with Latin flavor, punk rock noise, hip hop beats and music of the streets.

We have been featured in articles in the New York Times, The Village Voice, London Times, New York Post, Time Out New York, New York Press, Tokyo Times, various European publications and have countless mentions in blogs, various zines and web articles. We have appeared on several TV networks including Lifetime, CNN, New York One, march bys on the fly with ABC, NBC, CBS as well as appearances in several documentaries including an HMB feature Rockumentary, A Cat in a Bag.We are available to play festivals, parties, parades, community celebrations, conventions, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs…and remain open to suggestion!

Our discography includes four self-produced CD’s.

The most recent, "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias," (produced by Grammy-winner Danny Blume, and co-produced by Matt Moran of Slavic Soul Party) presents a phenomenal collection of original songs as wild and eclectic as the band itself. The HMB specializes in surprise radical encounters that transform the mundane into the miraculous. "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias"" set the tempo for a week of hi-jinks & pranks, HMB's Seven Days of 23 minute Utopias, destined to explode in music and create utopias throughout New York City, resulted in widespread surprise and joy along with a few tickets for disturbing the peace, all of which were dismissed, as at the time the peace needed disturbing.

Our third release, “Critical Brass” was recorded at Loho Studios, NYC, in the Spring of 2004 merely days after returning from a very successful European tour. Our second release “On the Waterfront” (2003) was recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and dedicated to the hallowed grounds upon which the tunes were wrought. The virgin debut, Hungry March Band Official Bootleg, (2001) consists of a series of live recordings and is considered an historical reference for exercises in wind, percussion and fluid dynamics

Please see our separate HMB performance list, which is always in need of updates as it is difficult to keep up with the tremendous volume of events.

HMB Pleasure Society and Second Line is an evolving extension of the band that adds so much spice to our parades and events, its participation in parade presentations features up to 75 performers who reflect the music with their vibrant dancing, baton twirling, fire spinning, hoola-hooping, gymnastics, stilt walking, and puppeteering.

Fear shall lead you to the place you most need to be. When you arrive, dive into the sea of the unknown, we will be there cheering you on, furiously playing in a state of absolute delightful madness.


Copyright ©1999-2010 Hungry March Band

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