We are Available

The Hungry March Band is available for parties, parades, events, festivals, weddings, birthdays, performances, community celebrations, conventions, jazz funerals, bar mitzvahs and remain open to suggestion.

We have played extensively in the New York City area, toured Europe, performed in New Orleans as a Mardi Gras parade band, toured the Great North West and much more, take a look at our legendary lengthy list of past events, which will be in need of updating as it is difficult to keep up.

Because we require no PA (sound system), we can play just about anywhere...indoors, outdoors, rooftops, beaches, etc., We please the young, old, the jaded, faded and have been known to induce immediate physical & spiritual healing. A sample of our music is available on-line at CD Baby, as well as the opportunity to purchase one of our four self produced CD's. We have an extensive repertoire of music which is constantly expanding, and we do take requests, given ample opportunity to learn the music.

Contact the band directly to inquire about availability. Our fees vary, depending on the type of performance, location, length of show, number of sets, amenities, etc.,. It is strongly recommended that food and beverages always be provided for band. We are, after all, the HUNGRY Marching Band. We also enjoy massage, dancing fools and surprises. Yes, we will take payment in HMB logo monogramed hand towels.

We do need all permits and proper property permissions be obtained before we play an event.

Thank you for your interest.

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