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HMB Discography

Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias, (produced by Grammy-winner Danny Blume, and co-produced by Matt Moran of Slavic Soul Party) presents a phenomenal collection of original songs as wild and eclectic as the band itself. The HMB specializes in surprise radical encounters that transform the mundane into the miraculous. "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias"" set the tempo for a week of hi-jinks & pranks, HMB's Seven Days of 23 minute Utopias, destined to explode in music and create utopias throughout New York City, resulting in widespread surprise and joy along with a few tickets for disturbing the peace.
HMB's third release Critical Brass, is a blistering treatment of worldly beats echoing the streets of New York; from covers of Bollywood soundtracks, Sun Ra, and Ellington, to raucous Gypsy dance music and even Black Sabbath. Critical Brass also contains original compositions from band members covering a broad array of genres. HMB's signature sound can be heard on such recordings as the sensual "Montserrat Serrat", the swinging "Jupanese Juju", the swirling "Vjerin Cocek" and the grooving "Bumper to Bumper". Produced by the Hungry March Band & Jason Candler, Critical Brass was recorded in June of 2004, days after the group returned from its first European tour. Recorded at Loho Studios on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Critical Brass features the splendid artwork of local artist Troy Frantz.

The second release, On the Waterfront , is dedicated to what once was an embattled vacant lot we fondly refered to as The Peoples Park, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. HMB was unceremoniously booted out of the East River site as fencing was erected and it remained locked and well guarded awaiting its much embattled fate. This vanishing wildness was the location of the HMB's weekly rehearsals for over 5 years and also hosted demolished cars, fishermen, public art, virulent urban plant life, homeless immigrants, skateboarders and had been a oasis for this vital NYC neighborhood.

The lot is once again open to the people sans shady trees, the colorful hoi poloi and menege that shaped the band's early days. It is now the East River Park and HMB's plays the occasional event there for the NY State Parks Department.

The CD was recorded in Williamsburg with John Gurrin as engineer. Cover art by the acclaimed LES activist artist FLY.

Our virgin debut, Hungry March Band Official Bootleg, (released in 2001) consists of a series of live recordings as well as studio mixes and is considered a historical reference for exercises in wind, percussion and fluid dynamics. Recorded at the original Rubulad Studios in a basement on South Sixth Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn as well as in the surrounding environment of toxic decay.

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Mehanata New York Gypsymania 2005 -Bubamara & Choli Ke Peeche
purchase: mehanata on CD Baby or from the band at a show
Sorryeverybody.com 2005 - Disco Bhangra - version recorded May 21, 2004 @ 3am in San Lorenzo, Rome, at Sbandata Romana Festival by Mario Camporeale.

Sbandata Romana Festival Compilation 2004- Sold Out

More Gardens CD More Gardens (2007) 11. Jupanese JuJu – Hungry March Band
a. Music by O. Tomohiko and J. Candler. Recorded at Loho Studios by Sonic Joe Hogan, assistant engineer Tom Gloady.
Sex Short Bus Soundtrack (2007)
HONK - Live at the Dilboy (2007) compilations with live tracks.
Choli Ke Peeche and Blue Pepper

Musical Repertoire

Our musical repertoire consists of original compositions written by band members as well as scores selected from our multi-cultural world community. These songs include tunes from New Orleans street bands, European brass bands, brass bands of India, Balkan Brass Bands, the jazz world and the global community of NYC. The list you see here will surely be in need of an update, as we are constantly working on new material and inventing tunes to keep you dancing!

For your aural pleasure...

Bag Search
Push it
Gde si, Bre?
Happy Time (The Clam)
The Beach
Whole Hog
Red Bog
Barat (from Moonsoon Wedding)
Magnificent Seven
Blood Sugar
Bumper to Bumper
Disco Bangra
Con Amigos
St. James Infirmary
Choli Ke Peeche
Asphalt Tango
Bella Ciao
Jupanese Ju Ju
Short Fat Pig
Disko dzumbus
Pig Bag
Christine Keeler (Comin Home Baby)
Don Cosmic
Vjerin Cocek
Blue Pepper
Montserrat Serrat
The Topsy Song
Haitian Fight Song
Slow Retarde

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